Babolat Pure Aero: Why Nadal Uses It (And Why You Should Too!)

Why is Rafa using the new Babolat Aero Pro Drive (Babolat Pure Aero)?Babolat Pure Aero

Rafa’s new racquet Babolat Pure Aero is just great for most players, with a wider string bed and new tech, it offers more spin. T

he latest strategy for some, and defense for others, spin has become an absolute must for modern tennis players.

Following Rafa’s style of playing where he forces his opponent to make an error (usually when he’s on the defense), some players made spin an integral part of their playing style.

Launched in 2003, the Babolat Aeropro Drive quickly became the benchmark for players who want a racquet that offers optimum spin and power.

Recently, Babolat is taking things a step  further with the Pure Aero: a new generation racquet that enables players to maximize their spin without losing any of the punch in their swing.

Babolat has identified 2 key aspects of the ensuring optimum performance and thus developed 2 exclusive new technologies!

  1. Aeromodular(2) – Woffer technology built directly into the mid-section of the new frame will create an even faster ball, thanks to an average of 11% less drag. Buy Babolat Pure Aero
  2. FSI Spin Technology – A broader weave in the string bed and an oblong opening between the grommets and the top and bottom of the head free up the movement of the strings to optimize the ball’s lift

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All I can say is…

Wow! Shots that were previously landing on or inside the service line were now driving deeper into the court. I found it was easier to generate pace on my shots.

The rebalancing of the weight out to the head of the racquet really makes a difference on my volleys as well.

Another thing that I immediately noticed is that my slice backhand has become a piercing line drive that just skids on the ground as opposed to the more loopy version that came off of my previous racquet (Babolat Aero Pro Drive). I really enjoy this racquet.

In conclusion…

…the reason why Rafa uses this racquet, is that it fits his playing style.

Rafa’s playing style is in between an “aggressive baseliner” and a “defensive baseliner” depending on how confident he is with his forehand.

And with this racquet, plus the added technology by Babolat, that adds more spin and power into his shots, there’s no doubt he’ll be back on top again.

And as for you…

…if you’re into the combo of spin and power, this racquet is perfect for you, specially if you want more of that kick on your second serve or more spin on that forehand of yours.

This racquet is a must if you’re into the heavy, high bouncing shots because it can really up your game in the court.

And if you’re a Rafa fan, then why the hell not emulate his style, after all, he is one of the greats in the game (the dude’s a LIVING LEGEND).

Babolat Aero Pro Drive

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Frequently Asked Question

Q: Where to buy Babolat Pure Aero?

A: You can get one directly from the manufacturer through Amazon by clicking here



Babolat Pure Aero

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Good luck and have fun hitting with your NEW BABOLAT PURE AERO


-Nico Ruiz